A B O U T   O U R   C A M P S

In our camps your children will learn:

  • Safety
  • How to ride, groom, tack-up and un-tack
  • How to learn stalls and clean tack
  • Horse husbandry skills, horse health, care, parts of a horse, colors, sizes and breeds of horses, etc.

After an orientation, campers are grouped according to age, previous experience, or with friends or relatives with whom they are compatible. Typically, each group consists of 4-6 campers and 1 instructor. Additionally, there is an adult supervisor, as well as apprentices who rotate among the groups to provide extra help. Our intent is to provide each camper with the most valuable, educational, memorable and fun camp possible.

M. E.E.T. The Mustangs

Additionally, they will participate in M.E.E.T. The Mustangs, (Mustang Educational, Experiential Training). They will learn relationship and leadership skills, as well as participate in ground work exercised. This program builds confidence in the students and teaches them how to be safe around horses and other animals.

We provide:

  • Excellent and Experienced Instructors
  • Safe, Willing, Experienced Horses
  • Helmets
  • Tack
  • Safe Environment

Campers should bring:

  • Lunch
  • Cold drinks
  • Sunscreen
  • Hat
  • Personal Helmet (If they don't have one, one will be provided)

Campers should wear:

  • Long pants (they can bring shorts to change into if they want)
  • Closed toe shoes (preferably with heels


The cost for each 4 day camp is $375. A $100, non-refundable deposit to hold a place in camp, along with the printable release form should be mailed to 1423 Vine Street, Murray, Utah, 84121. The balance is due the first day of camp. If, for some reason, the camper is unable to attend the camp for which they are scheduled, the deposit may be applied to another camp if there is space available. Arrangements must be made for the change 1 week before the original camp begins.


The age range for our camp is 6-15. The determining factor for younger children is that they can enjoy a 6 hour experience without parental involvement.


Camp Schedule

Camp will run from 9am-3pm Monday through Thursday.

On Thursday, at 1:30 pm there is a show off presentation. This is a great photo and video opportunity. Parents and other interested persons are invited to watch their campers demonstrate some of the skills they have learned during camp. Parents are amazed at how much is learned. Campers will also receive certificates they have earned during the camp by passing off levels of horsemanship skills.