R I D I N G   I N S T U C T I O N

Brighton Meadows Instruction Program has produced State and National Champions in the West and East coast competitions. Our former students have dominated Utah competitions and have gone on to be professional trainers, World Cup Level Competitors, and members of intercollegiate teams at Stanford, M.I.T.,University of California at Davis, Sweet Briar in Virginia, and the University of Colorado at Fort Collins. Their Horsemanship skills they learned in our program have set them apart from others who only learned how to ride. We are very proud of our program.

Our Riding Instruction is universal. The skills our students learn will apply to all Western and English disciplines because we teach basic dressage and natural horsemanship.

Our Program teaches life skills and builds character in our students that prepares them for future success. Mary Lee has personally trained all our schooling horses to a high level ability. They are show quality horses, which is so important, because the horses are the teachers. Willing, safe horses provide an experience that builds confidence and enjoyment for our students.

Our Instructors have all been trained by Mary Lee. They are products of our thirty years of experience. Each instructor is a good role model and a patient teacher who is college and/or professionally bound. There is a lot of hand holding and hugging.

Class Size is from 2-6 students. There is an assistant for classes containing more than 4 students in addition to the instructor. Individual attention is important and safety is paramount. Students learn to steer and ride independently. They do not merely follow a horse in front of them.

Horsemanship Skills are very important at Brighton Meadows. Our lessons are 11/2 hours long in order for students to learn safe stable habits, grooming, handling, saddling, and bridling skills.

Horsemanship Levels are recognized and rewarded. Our students receive certificates as the progress from Beginning I to Advanced. We offer year-round instruction under our covered round pen, schooling arena, round pens, jumping arena, and wooded pasture.

Show-Off Days give the students opportunities to demonstrate their skills for family and friends and to receive their certificates and awards.

Practice Rides are available for our intermediate riders in order to increase their proficiency.

Ground Work and Trainings are also available. Windhorse Relations (windhorserelations.org) offers a variety of classes about creating willing relationships. Our intention is to provide the highest quality for our students in the most economical way. The horse is good for the soul and offers life long enjoyment. We want to provide this experience to the most people possible.

Riding instuction is availlable for all ages. We offer a range of classes and have several wonderful instructors on staff . To schedule a lesson please call Marcia Thayne at 801.557.1257.

To contact your instructor please visit our contact page.

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