Our lessons are an hour long. We give group lessons. The group consists of 3-4 riders, depending on age and experience. We try to group riders, as best we can, according to age and ability.

There will also be groundwork lessons included in the riding lesson series.

A student can take two lessons a week, year-round, and attend camps well below the cost of horse ownership. Additionally, there are no unforeseen veterinarian expenses, multiple ownerships, or sad goodbyes.

As students become teenagers, they can become assistants, apprentice instructors and paid instructors. These programs provide additional experience without added expense so our students can save money for college. These experiences have also proven valuable for scholarships and job opportunities beyond horses. Employers recognize the importance of experiences involving hard work, communication and relationship skills.

The lessons are $40 per person, per lesson and are scheduled once or twice a week. We require the lessons be paid for a month in advance. The payment is not refundable. If a rider is not able to attend a lesson during the month, the lesson fee is forfeited unless the instructor grants permission and is notified a week in advance.

Show-Off days are held three times a year for students taking two lessons per week. In addition, each camp ends with a show-off session. This will allow family and friends to see the new skills each student has acquired, meet their mustang teachers, and provides time for great photo opportunities.

We supply helmets, tack, experienced horses and excellent instructors. If riders have a bike helmet they like and that fits them well, they can use it. They need to wear long pants and closed-toe shoes, preferably with a heel.

For more information or to schedule lessons contact:

Heidi Call
Phone: 801-389-3256
Email: brightonmeadows1@gmail.com

Riding Lessons

The cost for 4 riding lessons is $160 if paid by cash or check.

If using Pay Pal the cost for 4 riding lessons is $166.