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                             "Where Heart Meets Horse"

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Brighton Meadows Equestrian Center (BMEC) is uniquely located in the heart of Holladay, Utah. We offer youth summer camps from June through August and youth riding instruction all year for ages 6-13

***Students must weigh less than 125lbs., and be able to jump 6" off the ground


Where Heart Meets Horse

 All our activities are focused on the love of the horse. Our intention is to provide this character building experience to as many students as possible. 


Our Mission

The cost of maintaining a horse and learning horsemanship, many times, is prohibitive.  BMEC offers a unique, comprehensive horsemanship curriculum comparative to any college program for less than the cost of only boarding a horse per year.  A student can learn on a excellent teacher and have a barn full of more advanced horses to continue their progress.  

About Our Camps



is our number one concern.



They learn independent riding, horse care, and horsemanship skills. They learn interpersonal skills, stewardship, and develop inner strength. They learn leadership through respect. 

 All lessons that last a lifetime.

Showoff Day


At 1:30pm on the last day of camp, we have a show off day where parents and all interested, can take photos and see what the students have learned during the camp.

Price List

Students should wear long pants and closed-toe shoes. They should bring a lunch, water bottle and helmet (bike helmets will work). If you don't have one, we will supply them. Students should weigh less than 125lbs., and be able to jump 6" off the ground.

Payment in full for camps


Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

In "The Contact Us" section please e-mail us the name of your student and which camp you are signing up for.

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Camp deposits


Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

In the "Contact Us" form, please send us an e-mail containing the name of your child and the camp you are signing up for.

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Camp balance payments


Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

 In the "Contact Us" section, please indicate the name of your child and which camp you are paying for.

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Release form

Students should weigh less than 125 lbs., and be able to jump 6" off the ground.

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About Our Lessons

Lesson Format

Our lessons are an hour long.The student must sign up and pay for 4 lessons. Lessons are $45 each.  Lessons are in a group consisting of 3-5, depending on age and experience. There will also be groundwork lessons included in the riding lesson series.  

We have horses for beginners and advanced riders, and offer advanced lessons for our continuing students over 12.


The cost is $45 for each hour long lesson.  A student can take two lessons a week, year-around, and attend camps well below the cost of horses ownership.  Additionally, there are no unforeseen veterinarian expenses, multiple ownerships, or sad goodbyes. The price is $187 for the 4 lesson package, if you pay online.

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You can register for lessons by calling Jessica at  (440) 241-9126.


4 Lesson package


Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card


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